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Theses at the Clinical Coagulation Research Unit from 1997 to present

The links lead to Lund University's Research Information System (LUCRIS) if nothing else is stated.

Foto of thesis

Alexandros Arvanitakis (2024-05-03): Haemophilia A - In pursuit of optimised outcomes via personalised treatment (supervisor: Jan Astermark/Nadine Gretenkort Andersson, assistant supervisor: Erik Berntorp)

Raein Ghazvinian (2023-06-02): Evaluation of patients with low-risk pulmonary embolism (supervisor: Johan Elf, assistant supervisor: Anders Gottsäter, Peter Svensson)

Kristina Kihlberg (2023-05-25): Haemophilia B - Diagnostic Insights, Genetic Aspects and Clinical Outcomes (supervisor: Jan Astermark, assistant supervisor: Nadine Gretenkort Andersson, Erik Berntorp)

Alexander Åkesson (2022-02-08): Aspects of Complement Activation in Thrombocytopenic Disorders (supervisor: Eva Zetterberg, assistant supervisor: Jenny Klintman)

Marcus Fager Ferrari (2021-06-11): Genetic screening in patients suspected of inherited bleeding disorders (supervisor: Eva Zetterberg, assistant supervisor: Eva Leinøe, Eva Norström, Maria Rossing)

Elena Holm (2018-12-07): Von Willebrand disease - aspects on diagnosis, prophylaxis and outcome (supervisor: Erik Berntorp, assistant supervisor: Eva Zetterberg, Katarina Steen Carlsson)

Marcus Ljungkvist (2018-05-09): Evaluation of global coagulation tests and their implications in haemophilia (supervisor: Eva Zetterberg, assistant supervisor: Erik Berntorp)

Vilhelm Sjögren (2017-12-01): Oral anticoagulation and stroke risk (Umeå university library, external page), (supervisor: Anders Själander, assistant supervisor: Peter Svensson, Per Wester)

Natalia Mochalina (2017-10-20): Anticoagulant and antiarrhythmic agents for atrial fibrillation (supervisor: Peter Svensson, assistant supervisor: Pyotr Platonov/Mattias Wieloch)

Mehdi Osooli (2017-05-15): Register-based studies to assess long-term outcomes in haemophilia (supervisor: Erik Berntorp, assistant supervisor: Jan Astermark, Katarina Steen Carlsson)

Per Sandén (2017-05-15): Efficacy and safety of warfarin treatment in venous thromboembolic disease (Umeå university library, external page), (supervisor: Anders Själander, assistant supervisor: Peter Svensson)

Bartosz Grzymala-Lubanski (2017-01-13): Anticoagulation treatment in patients with a mechanical heart valve (DiVA-Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet (digital scientific archive), external page), (supervisor: Anders Själander, assistant supervisor: Peter Svensson)

Signy Vala Sveinsdottir (2016-11-19): Venous thromboembolism with special focus on genetic and potential acquired risk factors (supervisor: Peter Svensson, assistant supervisor: Christer Halldén)

Fredrik Björk (2016-10-21): Warfarin treatment quality in stroke prevention (DiVA-Digitala Vetenskapliga Arkivet (digital scientific archive), external page), (supervisor: Anders Själander, assistant supervisor: Peter Svensson, Per Wester)

Sara Själander (2016-09-23): Stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation (Umeå university library, external page), (supervisor: Peter Svensson, assistant supervisor: Bo Carlberg)

Ashkan Labaf (2016-09-09): Mechanical heart valve prosthesis - oral anticoagulation and risk factors for thromboembolism and major bleeding (supervisor: Peter Svensson, assistant supervisor: Martin Stagmo, Anders Själander, Mattias Wieloch)

Anna Olsson (2016-05-23): Bleeding tendency and health related quality of life in carriers of haemophilia (GUPEA-Gothenburg university library, external page), (supervisor: Margareta Hellgren, assistant supervisor: Fariba Baghaei/Erik Berntorp)

Susanna Lövdahl (2015-05-27): Co-morbidity and mortality in Swedish patients with haemophilia - a register study (supervisor: Jan Astermark, assistant supervisor: Erik Berntorp/Karin Henriksson)

Karin Lindvall (2013-05-30): Health-related quality of life and adherence in haemophilia (supervisor: Erik Berntorp, assistant supervisor: Rolf Ljung)

Jenny Klintman (2013-03-20): Exploring anti-factor VIII antibodies in haemophilia A - role in in vitro haemostasis and clinical disease (supervisor: Jan Astermark, assistant supervisor: Erik Berntorp)

Ellis Sampram (2012-11-24): Arterial thrombosis in Factor V Leiden or activated protein C resistance: clinical and experimental studies (supervisor: Peter Svensson, assistant supervisor: Bengt Lindblad)

Nazim Isma (2012-05-11): Venous thromboembolism in southern Sweden - epidemiology and risk factors (supervisor: Anders Gottsäter, assistant supervisor. Bengt Lindblad/Peter Svensson)

Mattias Wieloch (2011-12-16): Oral anticoagulation treatment in atrial fibrillation - to bleed or not to bleed, that is the question (supervisor: Peter Svensson/Tord Juhlin, assistant supervisor: Anders Själander)

Mohammed Khawaji (2011-03-18). Bone mineral density in haemophilia: A treatment outcome (supervisor: Erik Berntorp, assistant supervisor: Jan Astermark)

Johan Elf (2010-04-10). Clinical probability assessment and biochemical markers in the diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis (supervisor: Peter Svensson, assistant supervisor: Karin Strandberg)

Olof Rask (2008-12-13). Thrombosis in children (supervisor: Rolf Ljung, assistant supervisor: Erik Berntorp)

Elsa Lanke (2008-10-03). Genetic characterization of families with von Willebrand disease (supervisor: Stefan Lethagen)

Gunnar Nilsson (2006-05-30). Coagulation disturbances in the critically ill patient with special reference to prediction of outcome (supervisor: Erik Berntorp, assistant supervisor: Einar Vernersson)

Johan Holm (1999-05-05). Pro- and Anticoagulant Mechanisms in Corona Artery Disease (supervisor: Leif Erhardt, assisant supervisor: Erik Berntorp)

Maj Carlsson (1997-10-17). Pharmacokinetic dosing of factor VIII and factor IX in prophylactic treatment of haemophilia (LUP-Lund University library, external page), (supervisor: Erik Berntorp. assistant supervisor: Sven Björkman)